The Legend of Yang Jian

91h 20m2022X-RayUHDPG
tells the story of Yang Jian (Wang Yanyang), a young man born from the combination of immortals and mortals. He was born with a vision and suffered from indifference and rejection from the villagers since he was a child, but he was young and sensible and devoted himself to taking care of and protecting his family. However, unexpectedly, the god will kill the head (played by Rong Erjia) to the village and kidnap his sister Yang Chan (played by Shi Xuejing). Yang Jian decided to spare no effort to save his sister, even if the other party was a supernatural general with divine power. When Yang Jian learned that the divine power of his demigod body was sealed by the scar on his forehead, he practiced with his friend Luzipao (played by Li Mengying) and finally opened the eyes of God's punishment between his foreheads. However, if he wanted to save his sister, he had to cut off his feelings. Become a ruthless god to defeat the god will protect the family. How should Yang Jian decide in the end, whether his sister can be rescued, and how will this love-hate story end..